Saturday, April 14, 2012

Style Icon of the Month - Kate Moss

Kate Moss is this Month's Style Icon, cause well...she's incredibly stylish. But also, I love her Spring/Summer style and we're heading that way guys. YES! *punches the air*

I loved Kate in this flowy, knee-length dress. I think yellow goes great on blondes, particularly golden blondes, which our Kate is, and she completes the look with a simple clutch, strappy sandles and a diamond bracelet (okay, not so simple). Great look, recommended for blondes, but brunettes, redheads, grey grannies, wear away!
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I love her going out looks and her hair is always perfectly tousled like a bohemian queen.
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Sleek and Short suits her too...ergggh!
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But, what Kate Moss is really known for, is Brit Cool. That's the effortlessly thrown together, but I still look the shit look.
She's doing it there;
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And here;
Pfft and there too (hope that's fake Kate);
Annoyed yet?! And here's some of her campaigns;
Kate Moss for Topshop
Didn't know she had a tattoo. Real?
Kate Moss for Dior

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